Forum Information and Rules

Welcome to the Arbor Creek Community Forums!

These forums are operated by the Arbor Creek Homeowners Association (ACHA) as a service for the residents of the Arbor Creek community. They are maintained by the Association’s Information Technology (IT) Committee, which is open to all residents of Arbor Creek.

Please recognize the forums are not an official way to contact the Association Board. While members of the Board may frequent the forums, they do so on their own merit and do not read all postings. Any official business involving the ACHA should be conducted using the contact form on the website.

Please follow our forum rules described below. Persons who do not follow the forum rules are subject to administrative action.

Summary of the Rules

Be Courteous Not Uncivil
Be Constructive Not Antagonistic
Be Prudent Not Reckless
Be Caring Not Unfriendly

Forum Rules

  1. No posting of contact information of minors — We take the safety of our children here in Arbor Creek very seriously and will never put them at risk by posting their private information online. As such, if any contact information relating to a minor is posted here, we will remove that information as soon as it is noticed.
  2. Only one account per person is allowed — If for some reason you can not login to your account because you have forgotten your password or username, please do not create a new account. You can reset your password from the login page using the email address you registered with or if for some reason you can not access your account, please contact the website administrator. If we notice you have registered multiple accounts, we will ask you to pick one and will merge the accounts together.
  3. No Sock Puppet Accounts — Sock Puppeting is “the act of creating a fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for one’s self, allies or business.” Essentially, creating fake accounts with the intent to deceive or mislead others. Sock Puppet accounts will be deleted and members found creating sock puppet accounts will have administrative action taken against them.
  4. A valid email address is required to be active at all times — We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone, unless ordered by a court of law. Your email address will only be used for purposes related to operating the forum. If the forum administrators find that the email address for an registration is no longer active, we will attempt to contact the member via a private message to have the member update their profile. If the member does not respond within a reasonable amount of time, the administrators reserve the right to disable or delete the account.
  5. Do not use ALL CAPS IN YOUR THREAD TITLES — Misleading titles, or titles written in a way to 'fool' a user into reading the posting are strictly prohibited. Also multiple punctuation marks (!!!!!!!) are not allowed.
  6. Excessive Punctuation/Sizing/Caps — Members should not post in ‘all caps’ or try to use excessive punctuation or size formatting in the text of their postings.
  7. Do not post personal information about yourself or others — Use caution when posting personal information anywhere on the Internet, including this forum. This forum is viewable by many, and the information you post could fall in wrong hands. Recognize also that the forum is indexed by search engines, so anything posted here can be found by Google, Yahoo, etc. Use caution when posting things in public such as personal email addresses, phone numbers, mail addresses, etc. The forum administrators will not remove personal information people post about themselves voluntarily or information that is publicly available, but we strongly discourage members from doing so.
  8. No spamming or duplication of posts — Do not post the same or similar thread in multiple forums. We know you want to get the word out about your particular issue/concern/question/comment/etc, but please take the time to pick the correct forum and place your message there. Threads may be moved by the administrators as deemed necessary. Also please refrain from posts of a "spam" nature, that is “posts for free items requiring other users to sign-up on a website”. Such threads/posts will be closed (or deleted) and the poster may be subject to administrative action.
  9. No ‘for sale’, advertising, commercial soliciting or other commercial postings except in the Classified Ads — There should be no advertising of personal or commercial interest in the Message Board forums; they should be limited to the Classified Ads forum. The Classified Ads are only for services or items that Residents of Arbor Creek want to offer to other Residents of Arbor Creek; they are not open to the general advertising industry or for businesses own by Arbor Creek Residents. Under no circumstances should any registered member will mass-message (repeatedly send the same message) to the Residents of Arbor Creek using the means provided by this website or the email addresses ending with…
  10. No Inappropriate Content — This forum is viewable by residents of all ages and, therefore, posting of obscene, foul language, or adult-only, or otherwise unlawful content will not be tolerated. The forum includes an automatic language filter — it is implemented for a purpose, thus it should not be intentionally circumvented.
  11. No Personal attacks — What is an “attack” exactly? We have all heard the term before. On a message board, an attack is when another member posts a message that is clearly directed to threaten, defame, insult or make a mockery of another for whatever reason that poster felt compelled to do so. This includes attacking forum members by group or label (Example: “all you homeowners are idiots”). Discuss an idea but don’t attack the post or the poster is a motto to live by. The Message Board is for discussions. There will always be differing opinions. You can disagree and be civil, and do not spread hate around. Members who demonstrate continued hostile or confrontational behavior towards other members or that show disregard for the rules or intentions of the rules, will be subject to administrative action.
  12. No Trolling — Trolling is when someone posts controversial or contrary messages solely with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response. The troll's purpose is simply to disrupt or gain attention. Please do not “feed the trolls” by responding to their baiting. Trolling is a game to the poster — they aim to pleasure at your expense, at your frustration, at your efforts. The best solution is always to simply ignore the poster which denies them the thing they are after — your response. Members who repeatedly demonstrate trolling behavior at the discretion of the forum administrators will be subject to administrative action.
  13. Considering the real-time nature of these forums — It is impossible for us to review all messages or confirm the validity of information posted. Please remember that we do actively monitor the contents of posted messages but that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of the Arbor Creek Homeowners Association or the Information Technology Committee or any entity associated with such. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable or inappropriate should contact the forum administration by using the contact form in this website. Reported posts will be reviewed by administrators who will assess the situation and take appropriate action if deemed necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realize that we may not be able to remove or edit messages immediately.
  14. Please do not play forum vigilante — Please leave the policing or administration of the forums to the assigned administrators and moderators. Rather than trying to correct the actions of another and further exaggerating the situation, please contact the forum administration by using the contact form of the website. Reported posts will be reviewed by administrators who will assess the situation and take appropriate action if deemed necessary.
  15. No Discussions regarding administrative actions on the forums — All discussions related to administrative actions (suspensions, bans, moderations, etc) are to be taken offline and not directly discussed on the forums. Members may contact the administrators for questions by using the contact form of the website. If a member is unsatisfied with the resolution or reasons given, they can then contact the Association and ask to have their issue escalated/resolved by the Association Board.

Administrative Action

Members who violate the forum's rules or policies will be subject to having administrative action taken against them. Our overall goal is encouraging courteous and proper use of the forums — not to punish anyone. Administrators or moderators may warn a specific member via private message. Administrators or moderators may also post in an active thread warning all thread participants that behavior is straying and administrative action may be pending if behavior does not improve. Members should respect these posts as gentle warnings to all thread participants.

If a member does not correct their behavior or when a specific violation occurs, administrators or moderators may edit or delete posts to remove offending material. The offending member will be contacted via private message outlining their offense and any action taken. Users may also receive an Infraction notice. Infractions are a forum feature used by the administrators to track and log offenses.

Our primary goal is correcting behavior. But if a member continues to violate the website’s policies or rules, further action may be taken against the member. First time offenses typically will result in a warning to the member. Repeat offenses may result in having the member’s access to the forum (in part or whole) suspended for a fixed time period. Further offenses will lead to a member’s access to the forum being permanently suspended. Sanctions will be applied at the discretion of the Arbor Creek Information Technology Committee.

Acceptance of Forum Rules and Policies

All users of our forums agree to follow these terms of use and forum rules. If you do not agree to these terms of use and rules, do not use these forums. Users represent that they have read, understand, and agree to these rules. If you post material, you represent and warrant that the material you post is not defamatory, infringing on our rules, obscene or otherwise unlawful, that you have rights to post any material you supply, and that you take full responsibility for your actions and will not hold the Arbor Creek Homeowners Association, it’s Officers, and/or the forum administrators for any liability or loss.

The Association reserves the right to edit or remove any postings, or user accounts, for any reason. It is not considered a right to post or participate in the website or forum. The Arbor Creek Homeowners Association does not guarantee any information provided in our forums.

Thank you for your cooperation. As always, these rules are subject to change so check back periodically.