Classified Ads Rules

Welcome to the Arbor Creek Classified Ads forum!

All individuals seeking to post For Sale, Services, Wanted, or Lost & Found ads must read the information below before posting!

This forum is only open to current Residents of Arbor Creek. The intent of the Classified Ads is to allow private individuals of Arbor Creek to post information about sales and services, wanted, and lost & found, that may be useful to other residents.

Classified Ads Rules:

  1. Use the appropriate place for your ad — Example: a ‘lost pet ad’ should be posted in the “Lost & Found” area.
  2. Post clear and concise information — Lenghty and poorly written ads will, for the most part, be ignored by other readers.
  3. Photos and Images are allowed with certain limitations — Maximum 3 images are allowed per ad. Limit the size of each image to 480 x 480 pixels.
  4. No spamming or duplication of ads — Do not post the same or similar ad in multiple forums. We know you want to get the word out about your particular offering or need. However, multiple ads about the same thing will be removed by the administrators as deemed necessary.
  5. No inappropriate or offensive content is allowed whatsoever — This forum is viewable by residents of all ages and, therefore, posting of obscene, foul language, or adult-only, or otherwise unlawful content will not be tolerated. Posters of of this type material may be subject to administrative action.
  6. Do not use ALL CAPS IN YOUR THREAD TITLES — Misleading titles, or titles written in a way to 'fool' a user into reading the posting are strictly prohibited. Also multiple punctuation marks (!!!!!!!) are not allowed.
  7. Do not place ads for Internet-based business – Remember, the Classified Ads forum is por private individuals offering services to private individuals, as well as for ‘wanted’ and for ‘lost & found’.

Administrative Action

Members who violate the website's rules or policies will be subject to having administrative action taken against them. Our overall goal is encouraging courteous and proper use of the forums — not to punish anyone. Administrators or moderators may warn a specific member via private message. Administrators or moderators may also post in an active thread warning all thread participants that behavior is straying and administrative action may be pending if behavior does not improve. Members should respect these posts as gentle warnings to all thread participants.

If a member does not correct their behavior or when a specific violation occurs, administrators or moderators may edit or delete posts to remove offending material. The offending member will be contacted via private message outlining their offense and any action taken. Users may also receive an Infraction notice. Infractions are a forum feature used by the administrators to track and log offenses.

Our primary goal is correcting behavior. But if a member continues to violate the website’s policies or rules, further action may be taken against the member. First time offenses typically will result in a warning to the member. Repeat offenses may result in having the member’s access to the forum (in part or whole) suspended for a fixed time period. Further offenses will lead to a member’s access to the forum being permanently suspended. Sanctions will be applied at the discretion of the Arbor Creek Information Technology Committee.

Acceptance of Forum Rules and Policies

All users of our forums agree to follow these terms of use and forum rules. If you do not agree to these terms of use and rules, do not use these forums. Users represent that they have read, understand, and agree to these rules. If you post material, you represent and warrant that the material you post is not defamatory, infringing on our rules, obscene or otherwise unlawful, that you have rights to post any material you supply, and that you take full responsibility for your actions and will not hold the Arbor Creek Homeowners Association, it’s Officers, and/or the forum administrators for any liability or loss.

Thank you for your cooperation. As always, these rules are subject to change so check back periodically.